Portrait Workshops Schedule

You have a choice of medium, subject and dates - hopefully you will find just what you're looking for...  if not you're wellcome to  bring your own photo or image of a similar animal or bird to work on... just let Kate know so she can prepare your image

If you are not sure see below or Contact Kate 

Image sources...

Some images are already translated into drawings for you to make it easier if you are new to sketching.

All photographs are from the website Wildlife Reference Photos for Artists and are copyright to their site and their photographers. They are used both on the this site and in the workshops with permission and the appropriate license. The above link will take you to their website.  A single image costs just $5 or five images just $10 (around £8-£9) - all royalty free allowing you to sell your artwork legally (and ethically).

Acknowlegements for the photos:

Drawing Section

Baby Rhino by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

  • Rhino/Elephant    1 November

  • Highland Cow   6th December

  • 2020 dates tba in December

You can choose to work with the image provided or bring your own image to work on provided it fits in the theme of the workshop i.e. fur/feathers/skin. 

As usual all materials and light refreshments are provided so that all you have to do is turn up and draw or paint - a stress-free relaxing afternoon so that you can be bring out your creative side effortlessly!

Places are limited to 6 so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Payment is required at the time of booking by online banking, cash or debit/credit card through PayPal


Although refunds can’t be given, substitutions are welcome should you find you are unable to attend – just let us know.

Now is the time to let me know your favourite animal or bird you want to create next year....

1st November  


The cat portrait is all about layering the hair and creating realistic fur that follows the contours of the body...  the Springer spaniel, creating the luxurious glossy coat and fluffy ears.

In the final portrait of the year learn how to create the soft skin of the baby rhino or elephant's craggy skin, creating the tones to define the shape of the body and folds of the skin, ears & nose....

Not inspired? Bring your own image - create a beautiful present for you know what :O)


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Pastels create beautiful portraits.... from soft skin to shaggy coats...

In the  fox cub the focus is creating the layers of fur, delicate ear hairs, whiskers and expressive eyes: the horse is the short hair, silky manes and soft muzzles 

In the final portrait of the year the highland cow's focus is creating the shine on his horns, the straggly hair and fleshy nose



Next year's schedule will be released in December - contact me if

you have favourite animal or bird you would love to create!

© All content & images Copyright to  Kate West.

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