All workshops are at Embsay Village Hall at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.... Sat Nav: BD23 6RE

Weekly from Wednesday 19th May

Open Art Sessions​

Would you love to work on what inspires YOU… to work in your own medium with the comforting knowledge that help is on hand if you get stuck?     Then these sessions are just what you have been looking for   

I will help you progress at your own pace, encouraging you to experiment and gain confidence safe in the knowledge that ‘happy accidents’ can be a really good thing.   All abilities welcome, this is a wonderful group of very enthusiastic artists of all abilities.

What you need to bring along
An image or object that inspires you and your own art materials – all mediums are welcome with exception of oil paints

Places are limited to 8 and payment is required at the time of advance booking through Stripe banking/online banking

Weekly booking in advance £12       

Please Contact us to join the top of the waiting list for next month



Starter Workshops

All workshops have been redesigned this year giving each artist their own box of materials to use throughout the workshop.

This provides more flexibilty for each artist to control their own pace and to focus on the elements that are most important to them.

Places are limited to a maximum of 4 artists ensuring individual attention whenever you need it whilst keeping it lively, friendly and less intimidating than a 1-2-1

Each workshop costs £55 including all materials and an e-book sent to you prior to the workshop so you literally arrive, relax and enjoy creating.


Watercolour Starter Workshops

Wednesday 31 March 1-3pm
2 hour workshop costs just £55 including all materials & workbook

Places are limited to a maximum of 4 artists to ensure you will receive plenty of individual guidance


These sessions will now run in March 2022 when hopefully life will be back to normal.  Information will be available next year




Pastel Starter Workshops

Wednesday 30 June 1-3pm
2 hour workshop costs just £55 including all materials & workbook

Considering a single box of professional pastels can cost upwards of £35 this workshop still provides good value if you are new to pastels. Hopefully you will be inspired to produce your own wonderful art with this amazingly versitile medium.

 Each artist has the opportunity to try a mix of papers from professional grade: velour, pastelmat and sanded paper through to textured papers such as Canson and  Ingres.  Pastels include Inscribe, Rembrandt, Unison, Sennelier and Schminke – a lovely mix of decent student to the very best professional papers and pastels/pencils.

As soon as you’ve discovered your mix of papers/pastels you move on to creating your artwork, along the way learning how to use the many different tools and developing the skills of blocking in, layering and applying fine details creating your own artwork. You’ll have a choice of images to work from or you’re welcome to bring your own as inspiration.

Drawing Starter Workshops

Wednesday 29 September 1-3pm

2 hour workshop costs just £55 including all materials & workbook

We can all draw with a little know how and practice. For instance, when was the last time you truly looked at something? If you’ve never taken the time to look and really observe a tree, a flower or animal, then how can you expect to draw it? I’ll show you just how easy it is to look at things as an artist, to see how each part of something relates to another. 

Switching off your ‘left brain’ so your ‘right brain’ kicks in is part of this process – so you will begin to realise just how often your brain prevents you from seeing many things!

Get the answers to common questions: what’s a putty rubber or blender and how/why/when would you use it?

From this simple starting point it’s just one more step to putting this down on paper by practising some of the techniques artists use before creating your own drawing from a selection of images provided or you’re welcome to work from your own if none of them inspire you.